Here we have a listing of resources and services that artists can utilize to help further distribute their work.

Adirondack Pennysaver
A local print shop that can help you with all of your printing needs.
Heritage Printing Center

A great downtown print shop.
Studley Printing

Another great local print shop that specializes in digital printing.
Night Owl Prints

A merger of Pedal Printing from Buffalo, NY and I Heart U Productions from Houston, TX. They do quality prints and have a wide range of services to offer.
Shout Out Loud Prints
Affordable screen printing services based out of Columbus, OH.
United Record Pressing

A relatively affordable record pressing company willing to do smaller runs of pressings.
Musicol Recording
Another company that will do smaller runs of records for you. They also offer recording and replication services.
Aardvark Record Mastering
Reasonably priced vinyl mastering.
Bags Unlimited
Low prices on packaging for almost anything an artist could find themselves releasing.

The D.I.T. Phonebook
“Its time to bring D.I.T ethics to the forefront of our music scene, The Do It Together Phone Book is a resource filled with contact info for anyone willing to help out in any way they can.
Self described as “a website dedicated to supporting communities that seek to be self-reliant”. A great DIY resource that is very comprehensive!
Book Your Own Fuckin’ Life
A long running resource for people looking to connect with DIY venues, artists, zines, labels and more!

The Internet Archive
Enormous resource for free hosting of media of almost any format.
An independent music hosting site that also allows band profiles and networking opportunities.
Labels and artists can sign up for accounts here to have their work streamed on the site as well as on their custom “radio” stations, with royalties paid to the label or artist for each play.
Folks can host and sell their music through this site that also offers a very clean and customizable layout.
Another reliable source for free hosting of streaming audio.



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