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Gorgon, Retreevers, and Ex Friends live at ROTA!

These three acts played ROTA recently, and we’ve got footage to prove it!
Check out some Gorgon below, and head over here for the full playlist!


THROWBACK WEDNESDAY: AGENT 922! Julian Jaster, a.k.a. AGENT 922 has long since left the Burgh, but here’s a video from his 2013 birthday bash!


NEIL JUNG AND CRAZY HOSS haven’t been heard from in a long while, but there was a glorious time when these dudes would rock the Monopole every Wednesday night. Do you remember when?

STELLA live at ROTA Gallery

Columbus, Ohio based rockers STELLA recently played at ROTA Gallery.
Here’s a video of their set!

Ava Marie live in Plattsburgh!

Ava Marie recently came through Plattsburgh to play a great live set at Dinosaur Peepee, and we were there to catch it on video. Hell yeah!

Super Super Serious Please Don’t Laugh Band, live!

After eight months, Super Super Serious Please Don’t Laugh Band made their triumphant return to live performance, playing an awesome set at Coinage. Check it out!

Walkin’ Man by Colouring Walls (live)

COLOURING WALLS have been making waves on the local scene as of late. Here is a live video of their tune Walkin’ Man!

(NSFW) New video from ANTWON LEVEE

ANTWON LEVEE is back with another video… maybe you caught the last one?
This one is just as raunchy, so be aware before of that before watching this at work…
Well, this one is part of a contest, so take a look, and you like it, follow the instructions here….
First, go over here and “like” this page on Facebook:
Then, you can go here and vote, and you can vote daily:


Coloring Walls are making waves in the scene here in Plattsburgh! Here’s an original tune of theirs called “MONSTER”, performed live at Open Mike!


DOOMFUCK, for those who don’t know, is a band whose music is entirely improvised. They played a powerhouse set at Monopole this past weekend, and here’s a bit of it! Check out part two of this video right here, featuring lead vocals by Jay Krak!