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Local Music Monday – Lemon Gold & The Sneaky Snakes Vol. 1

This week we have a relatively recent release titled Lemon Gold & The Sneaky Snakes Vol. 1.  The sounds presented here span a great number of genres and styles and have been produced by a smattering of local musicians in collaboration with Ethan Rice.  The album is available on LP (with some awesome art by Leta Gray), so if you like what you hear, pick one up!


Local Music Monday – Crown Of Lions – 2009 EP

This week on Local Music Monday we present an EP by hardcore heavy hitters Crown Of Lions.  Crown Of Lions was a very popular hardcore band during their time here in our region, and we haven’t really had that many active hardcore bands in our area since then.  Lots of metal, jam rock, punk, folk and more, but straight up hardcore bands seem to be few and far between!  Do you remember Crown Of Lions?  What are your favorite memories of the band?

Local Music Monday – Chaos_Ohm

This week on Local Music Monday we present some selected works by Chaos_Ohm.  Chaos_Ohm is the solo sound project of local personality David William Gordon.  Each recording presented here is a mixture of different electronic and analog elements, creating a diverse series of soundscapes that cover a whole range of ambient emotions.  Detailed descriptions of the project and each recording can be found on the Chaos_Ohm SoundCloud page!

Local Music Monday – Mike & The Ravens – Mr. Lonely

We’ve got another oldie but goodie for you this week!  Mr. Lonely by Mike & The Ravens was the first single released on Plattsburgh’s very own Empire Records, all the way back in the spring of 1962.  Mike & The Ravens were originally called Mike & The Throbs.  They formed in the middle of 1960 and were a staple of the North Country scene during their time.  You can look right over here for a detailed time line of the band.  Enjoy!

Local Music Monday – WinterCoffin – Lost Silver

This week’s offering on Local Music Monday is a real dark one.  WinterCoffin is a solo black metal effort from local musician Ethan Senecal.  We haven’t seen WinterCoffin perfom live, but were very impressed with these recorded tracks.  For fans of Mayhem, Burzum, Darkthrone and the like, these songs would have been right at home alongside the likes of Long Cat or Vicious Intent.  Here’s to hoping we see these songs hit the stage soon!

Local Music Monday – T.F.O. – Greetings From Caribfest

This week on Local Music Monday we’re bringing you a release by Tranquilizer Full Of…, better known as T.F.O.
These sounds were committed to tape by Sean G. of Adrian Aardvark t-shirt fame, and feature the noise rock trio giving one of their best recorded performances. Give these tunes a listen, and check their Bandcamp page for a slew of other awesome releases from T.F.O.!

Local Music Mondays!

We’re starting a new feature here on DIY Plattsburgh- Local Music Mondays.
Every Monday we’ll bring you a stream or download of a local release! It could be an old classic or something totally new, or maybe it’s just new to you! There’s been a lot of great music made in our fine city, and we’re happy to help to bring it to the people.

Our first installment is a live album by The Lo-Fi Felons, a hip hop trio that existed in Plattsburgh for a short time, led by vocalist Alex Davis of pyramidpendulum fame. These tracks were captured live at ROTA Gallery, and if memory serves correctly, it was part of their Wacky Weekend Tour, in which they played as many downtown Plattsburgh venues as possible over the course of one wacky weekend. Relive the magic, via internet!