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Flashback Friday – Hello Control – Start Over

2008 was quite a year for music in the Burgh, was it not?  It was the first year that The Great Chernesky graced our humble city with his presence, and it was also the year that Hello Control played an acoustic set at the local Starbucks. That’s right, on April 4th, 2008, coffee drinkers were treated to this special performance by local heartthrobs Hello Control.  The whole set is available on YouTube if you feel like looking it up!  Now, how do we get some bands like Doomfuck or Trinity Park Radio to play at Starbucks?


Flashback Friday – Lucid – Poor Man’s Blues

Mayor’s Cup is an exciting time of year, it brings around memories of boats, summer, and all of our wonderful Mayors.  Also, music.  This week Flashback Friday is bringing you footage of Lucid performing at the 2008 Mayor’s Cup, playing the tune Poor Man’s Blues, and featuring the talented George Wurster on harmonica.  Check it out!

Flashback Friday – Plattsburgh State of Mind

This week’s Flashback Friday video goes out to all the students over at SUNY Plattsburgh.  Josh Latrelle offers up a parody of Jay-Z’s “New York State of Mind”, with lyrics customized to illustrate the life of a SUNY Plattsburgh student.  Students, alumni, can you identify with this track?  If you need more taste of the student life at Plattsburgh, then check this video out right over here!

Flashback Friday – Marston Sabo live at Koffee Kat

We’re starting another new feature here at DIY Plattsburgh, one where go into the depths of the internet to share some special video nuggets from Plattsburgh’s musical past.  Our first offering is Marston Sabo performing live at the Koffee Kat on May 3rd, 2008.  Were you at this show?  Although the world has changed quite a bit since 2008, it’s nice to know that the mural behind the stage at Koffee Kat is still the same.