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Flashback Friday – Hello Control – Start Over

2008 was quite a year for music in the Burgh, was it not?  It was the first year that The Great Chernesky graced our humble city with his presence, and it was also the year that Hello Control played an acoustic set at the local Starbucks. That’s right, on April 4th, 2008, coffee drinkers were treated to this special performance by local heartthrobs Hello Control.  The whole set is available on YouTube if you feel like looking it up!  Now, how do we get some bands like Doomfuck or Trinity Park Radio to play at Starbucks?


Local Music Monday – Lemon Gold & The Sneaky Snakes Vol. 1

This week we have a relatively recent release titled Lemon Gold & The Sneaky Snakes Vol. 1.  The sounds presented here span a great number of genres and styles and have been produced by a smattering of local musicians in collaboration with Ethan Rice.  The album is available on LP (with some awesome art by Leta Gray), so if you like what you hear, pick one up!

Flashback Friday – Lucid – Poor Man’s Blues

Mayor’s Cup is an exciting time of year, it brings around memories of boats, summer, and all of our wonderful Mayors.  Also, music.  This week Flashback Friday is bringing you footage of Lucid performing at the 2008 Mayor’s Cup, playing the tune Poor Man’s Blues, and featuring the talented George Wurster on harmonica.  Check it out!

New music video from Adrian Aardvark!

Adrian Aardvark has just dropped a new music video for a track from the American Aardvark album.

Check it out right here:

Local Music Monday – Crown Of Lions – 2009 EP

This week on Local Music Monday we present an EP by hardcore heavy hitters Crown Of Lions.  Crown Of Lions was a very popular hardcore band during their time here in our region, and we haven’t really had that many active hardcore bands in our area since then.  Lots of metal, jam rock, punk, folk and more, but straight up hardcore bands seem to be few and far between!  Do you remember Crown Of Lions?  What are your favorite memories of the band?

R.I.P. Bob “Beano” Barker

This past week, Bob “Beano” Barker passed away.  Beano was a regular in the region’s music scene, and was the guitarist for X-Tractions, Wards, Roman Shades, Cuts, Nation of Hate, Headlock, and Gas And Oil.  His absence in our scene will definitely be felt.  7Days reports that there will be a memorial show in his honor at The Monkey House on Thursday, January 23rd.

Backwoods Pondfest 8 just announced!

Organizers for Backwoods Pondfest have recently announced the dates for the eighth iteration of the annual festival.  August 8th and 9th of 2014 will bring you a whole bunch of bands playing at the lovely Twin Ponds Campsite in Peru, NY.  For more updates, keep an eye on the Backwoods Pondfest Facebook page.

Flashback Friday – Plattsburgh State of Mind

This week’s Flashback Friday video goes out to all the students over at SUNY Plattsburgh.  Josh Latrelle offers up a parody of Jay-Z’s “New York State of Mind”, with lyrics customized to illustrate the life of a SUNY Plattsburgh student.  Students, alumni, can you identify with this track?  If you need more taste of the student life at Plattsburgh, then check this video out right over here!

DIY Plattsburgh is also on Facebook

Do you use Facebook?  Then go check out the DIY Plattsburgh page!  You can find it at facebook.com/doityourselfplattsburgh.
There’s even more local music goodness to discover there!

Local Music Monday – Chaos_Ohm

This week on Local Music Monday we present some selected works by Chaos_Ohm.  Chaos_Ohm is the solo sound project of local personality David William Gordon.  Each recording presented here is a mixture of different electronic and analog elements, creating a diverse series of soundscapes that cover a whole range of ambient emotions.  Detailed descriptions of the project and each recording can be found on the Chaos_Ohm SoundCloud page!