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Check the new music video from For the Kid in the Back!

From his most recent album, Coffee on an Empty Stomach (released via Two For Flinching) comes a video for the track More Than I Deserve.


Local Music Mondays!

We’re starting a new feature here on DIY Plattsburgh- Local Music Mondays.
Every Monday we’ll bring you a stream or download of a local release! It could be an old classic or something totally new, or maybe it’s just new to you! There’s been a lot of great music made in our fine city, and we’re happy to help to bring it to the people.

Our first installment is a live album by The Lo-Fi Felons, a hip hop trio that existed in Plattsburgh for a short time, led by vocalist Alex Davis of pyramidpendulum fame. These tracks were captured live at ROTA Gallery, and if memory serves correctly, it was part of their Wacky Weekend Tour, in which they played as many downtown Plattsburgh venues as possible over the course of one wacky weekend. Relive the magic, via internet!

Didja hear the news?

Adrian Aardvark recently dropped a new CD entitled AMERICAN AARDVARK.
Sixteen tracks, featuring a whole slew of local musicians. Stream it below, or track down a physical copy and get a sweet t-shirt featuring that guy from Long Cat.

New music from Mouthbreather!

While technically not from Plattsburgh, these tunes were recorded here in our fine city.  The dynamic duo known only as Mouthbreather has dropped 10 massive tunes, available here for your listening pleasure via the North Country collective Two For Flinching.

Implode the Abyss – live at Monopole!

Implode the Abyss recently played the Monopole alongside Doomfuck, Linear North and Teenage Shred.
Audio of their set has been captured and catapulted into the internet for your listening pleasure.