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Sex Tapes: pyramidpendulum and Long Cat live at ROTA (2012-02-16)16

This time around on Sex Tapes we have a couple of live sets captured by Sean Godreau: pyramidpendulum and the rebel menace known as Long Cat. This was put to tape over at ROTA earlier this year at a show that was set up for rapper GDP, however it turns out that GDP is in fact not punk and totally bailed on the show with no explanation (let that be a warning to promoters). The show was still rocked by these two local heavy hitters, so there’s no need to worry. Get the link after the jump!

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Paul Baribeau live at ROTA

ROTA member Steve Nolan recorded Paul Baribeau performing at the gallery last March. You can download the audio right here!

T.F.O. to perform at ROTA on Saturday!

T.F.O. will be ravaging the ROTA this Saturday night! Check them out in action after the jump!
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Die Pretty – Medicated Nation

Die Pretty will be coming through to ROTA this Saturday evening, all the way from Brooklyn. Check out their video for the track Medicated Nation right after the jump!

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All this week DIY Plattsburgh will be shining a spotlight on some of the bands visiting ROTA this weekend! Stay tuned!

Five Questions with Corey Collins

Corey Collins was one of the first few people I interacted with in the DIY music scene here in Plattsburgh. He played a big role in a lot of great thin out this way, and has since moved on to West Chester, PA, although you can still catch him in Plattsburgh from time to time. He recently replied to our Five Questions, here’s what he had to say…

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Five Questions with Catie Wurster

A lot of great things can be said about Catie Wurster (as well as the rest of the Wurster clan). She’s a very active and giving individual in the artistic community here in Plattsburgh, and chances are that you’ve seen her downtown carting around her stand up bass, playing with various groups in the area, including Doomfuck (check out the tape we recently posted). Here’s her responses to our Five Questions…
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