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Five questions

Five Questions with Brandon Bentley

I met Brandon years ago while I was still in the Syracuse area punk scene. We’ve been playing DIY shows together with our various bands for a while now, and recently I was very happy to receive a copy of a tape from his current band called Herpes. They’ll be dropping their first 7″ soon, so what better time to catch up for a five questions session?

1. Who are you and what do you do?

I have had many names, what’s important now is not who I am, but who I will become in the future. Thus far, I’ve spent my entire life questing for unknown knowledge and power with a horde known as Herpes. Wielding instruments of chaos and destruction we shall rip the hearts from the institutions that attempt to keep us from these ends.

2. What does DIY mean to you?
DIY to me is has nothing to do with any sort of scene or clique of people. It’s a mentality that relates to a person and that person alone; working towards a set goal or dream on their own terms. They may or may not achieve this goal, but the important thing is the experiences that they’ve had and the people that they’ve met on their journey. Always remember that both the good and the bad contribute to your experience points and one day you will level up.

3. Why should people choose the DIY method?
I don’t tell people how to handle their shit because I usually just flush mine, but the “DIY Method” has been satisfying for me. I get to experience a lot of things that I would have otherwise missed.

4. What do you want to get off of your chest right now?
I’m petrified of aliens. One of my good friends recently told me that mushrooms/fungi could possibly be alien life forms on earth. I’ve been terrified of fungi world domination and human slavery ever since.

5. Are there any people, places or ideas that you think folks should know about?
There is a dimension that few men know about and no man has ever returned from. There lies Inframan. “Suckin on mortar tits.”


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