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Sex Tapes: Doomfuck live at ROTA (2011-07-08)

This week’s offering on Sex Tapes is a live recording of local improv group Doomfuck from a basement show at ROTA last summer. The lineup on this tape is Catie Wurster on bass, Nick Colella from The Sinbusters on guitar and Matt Hall on drums. This was recorded live onto cassette by Sean Godreau. Get Get the download link after the jump, and keep an eye out soon for more local live recordings!

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Five Questions with Dylan J Suttles

I first met Dylan five or six years ago after asking him to play a show in the living room of Castle Rockmoore. Since then I’ve seen him go through a whole series of musical transformations, all the while maintaining a strong DIY ethic. Here’s what he had to say to our Five Questions…

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Sex Tapes: Irradiated Beef

We’re introducing a new feature this week: Sex Tapes. Why “Sex Tapes”? Well, it got your attention, didn’t it? We’ll be sharing some gems created or found here in Plattsburgh. Our first serving comes from Irradiated Beef, Plattsburgh’s own cattle noise grind expert. This tape came out a long time ago now, and we’re not sure how many copies were smuggled out of the region. For those who are unfamiliar with the Beef, it’s pretty much an irradiated and mutated cow playing drums to some very crushing noise loops and other sounds. It’s something that you might have to see to believe. But until you make it out to a performance, check out this documentation of one of Plattsburgh’s best kept musical secrets. See the liner notes and get the download link after the jump!

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Five Questions with Malcolm Flanigan

Malcolm Flanigan is the vocalist for the band Hollowed Bones, whom I affectionately refer to as Hollowed Boners sometimes. He’s also a pretty sharp photographer.¬†You may have caught Hollowed Bones when they played at ROTA last year. Either way, here’s what Malcolm had to say to our Five Questions…

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Five Questions with Alexander Davis

Alexander Davis is one of the hardest working men in show business. In addition to dropping a new track every day over at the pyramidpendulum Daily Download, he also hosts a variety of Monday night events at Basha, maintains the Special Experience Blog, and has been known to dabble in radio, print, graphic design, animation, videography and a dozen other musical endeavors ranging from punk rock to live hip hop. I also hear that he is currently sponsoring a remix contest through pyramidpendulum. Here’s what he had to say when we approached him with our Five Questions…

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Five Questions with Brandon Bentley

I met Brandon years ago while I was still in the Syracuse area punk scene. We’ve been playing DIY shows together with our various bands for a while now, and recently I was very happy to receive a copy of a tape from his current band called Herpes. They’ll be dropping their first 7″ soon, so what better time to catch up for a five questions session?

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