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Five questions

Five Questions with Neil Campau

Believe it or not, your beloved DIY Plattsburgh isn’t the only DIY resource on the web. DoDIY.org is a fantastic site that acts to tie together DIY enthusiasts, spaces, bands and more from all over the world. We recently had the site’s webmaster Neil Campau answer our five questions, so check out what he has to say and then check out DoDIY.org!

1. Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Neil Campau. I make music and art, practice anarchy, run
DoDIY.org, do freelance booking and publicity (punksandcriminals.com), among many other things.

2. What does DIY mean to you?
It is about not relying on experts and empowering myself to take more
control over my life. It is about not looking to the State or other
authorities to make decisions or do things for me.

3. Why should people choose the DIY method?
Because they’re tired of feeling stagnant and defeated.

4. What do you want to get off of your chest right now?
Fuck the police.

5. Are there any people, places or ideas that you think folks should know about?
You should read “How Nonviolence Protects the State” by Peter
Gelderloos (click here to download an abridged PDF version from zinelibrary.info) and watch the documentary “The Century of the Self“.



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