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Live music this Saturday!

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Five Questions with The Great Chernesky

For the uninitiated, The Great Chernesky is the greatest performer this side of this Mississippi. He is the humble genius behind CherneskyFest, and works very hard to preserve the folk songs of his beloved hometown of Auburn, New York. We caught up with this whirlwind of a man to get his perspective on our five questions…

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Five Questions with Neil Campau

Believe it or not, your beloved DIY Plattsburgh isn’t the only DIY resource on the web. DoDIY.org is a fantastic site that acts to tie together DIY enthusiasts, spaces, bands and more from all over the world. We recently had the site’s webmaster Neil Campau answer our five questions, so check out what he has to say and then check out DoDIY.org!

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Five Questions with Chris Clavin

Chris Clavin has worn many hats in the DIY arena, and many of his efforts have been huge inspirations for this site and many other more large scale DIY projects that I’ve been involved with recently. I could say a lot about him, but we’ll just let him speak for himself while answering our five questions…

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Five Questions with Jason Kyle Knight

Mr. Knight is better known to most of the internet as The Emotron. I first met him a few years ago when he played in my attic back in Syracuse. Since then I’ve watched Emotron go from a spastic, upbeat strip tease to something very dark and unsettling, with a lot of stops in between. But a real dedication to DIY was always at the core of it all, so it feels fitting to get Kyle’s perspective on our five questions.

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Daily downloads at pyramidpendulum start today!

Local media empire pyramidpendulum is launching a daily download series, proposing “at least 1 track, every single day, for life”. Click the pic to check it out!