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Five Questions with Kate Larson

Kate Larson is the reigning pancake queen of New Paltz, NY. She is also a DIY whiz who is involved in numerous projects and bands, including No Better Than Apples, the Hudson Galaxy Gazette, Food Cats, Klessa (the best band ever) and the internet sensation Dear Mariah. She took a bit of time out of her busy schedule to supply us with some answers to our five questions…

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Plattsburgh metal scene highlighted in All Points North

All Points North has recently posted an article highlighting the heavy metal scene here in Plattsburgh.

“Many small metal bands form in garages and dorm rooms across the country; this is true even for upstate New York, with many aspiring metal musicians trying to start here.”

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Live music?

Looking to catch some live music in Plattsburgh?

Tonight at 10:00 pm the Monopole will be hosting Sinecure, with Doomf*ck filling in for their set break, and they’ll be playing until close. As always, there’s no cover charge!

Then on Friday night, Doomf*ck will be back again, this time at ROTA with All the Rage, Cutthroat Logic and Long Cat. The show starts at 7:00 pm and will cost $3 – $5 at the door.

See you there!

Five Questions with Justin Passino

Time is eating its own tail again and doing another one of those “haven’t I been here before?” type things, as Justin Passino started the original DIY Plattsburgh site a few years ago and is now being interviewed by the entity which he created. Crazy! In addition to probably not foreseeing an event like this, Justin plays music under the name For the Kid in the Back. Here’s what he had to say to our five questions:

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Plattsburgh Nightlife Report

Plattsburgh photogapher (world) premiere producer Alexander Davis has been diligently documenting nightlife here in Plattsburgh. Here are some recent photos he has taken around town.We’ll be making this a regular feature for Saturdays, so start getting out and about in Plattsburgh and maybe you’ll wind up in our report! Have you got some pictures to submit? Send em over to diyplattsburgh (at) gmail (dot) com!

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Hey folks, check this out! Click the flyer for more info.

Five Questions with Adrian Aardvark

Adrian Aardvark has been making music here in Plattsburgh for quite some time now. Here’s what he had to say when we approached him with our “Five Questions”…

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DIY Plattsburgh needs you!

Hey folks. DIY Plattsburgh is putting a call out to all citizens here who want to add to the site. Do you frequent shows in the area? Why not do a writeup on your experiences? Do you have pictures or videos from area shows? Share them with us! Let’s let everyone know what it is that keeps us going here in this city!

Focusing on our history…

I’m looking to collect local/regional news articles for the DIY Plattsburgh site. If anyone has any links to share, please do so! And if you’ve got any clippings you’d like to share, I can help out with scanning if you need it. We have a number of interesting reads up on our Press page right now, check them out!

And while we’re feeling nostalgic, here’s some footage from Plattsburgh’s recent past: Priests of Leisure making their debut at 56 Elm! This is part one of three if you’re interested in watching the whole set.

Five Questions with GDP

New Jersey rapper GDP is coming through Plattsburgh for two shows on February 16th (one at ROTA and one at Monopole). DIY Plattsburgh caught up with him for a hot minute to kick off our new “Five Questions” feature.

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